SENTRYTM automatically detects low-quality respondents who would provide bad data and prevents them from entering your study. The system is based on patent-pending technology and decades of scientifically-proven cognitive and behavioral research that ensures higher levels of attention, language proficiency, engagement, and effortful response patterns.

Rather than rely on technology alone, SENTRY is the only system that leverages advanced behavioral and technical tools to safeguard your data, ensuring high-quality results you can trust. Additionally, by intelligently selecting quality respondents, the tool maintains hard-to-reach sample diversity while elevating data quality. With SENTRY, you no longer have to worry that you are making inaccurate conclusions and bad decisions because of noisy data.

How SENTRY Works

SENTRY measures a potential respondent’s capacity to adequately participate in a survey at a given time, through a series of behavioral measurements proven to promote respondents who are attentive, comprehending, engaged and respond consistently to survey tasks. SENTRY also manages participants through device fingerprinting to prevent duplication and fraud. This process takes less than a minute and reduces back-end data cleaning by removing unengaged and fraudulent respondents before they enter a survey.

Features & Benefits

  • Behavioral science and technology-based solutions to capture a wide range of bad respondents
  • Flexible system with Multiple Data Quality levels to suit the needs of all types of data collection
  • Data Quality solution for both individual researchers and panel providers who want to identify higher quality respondents
  • Can lower reconciliation rates by >50%

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