Assess large scale needs for smarter policy decisions

Engage our vast participant pools to find people in your state, city, or town. CloudResearch and our easy-to-use tools are ideal for government agencies, whether you’re aiming to perform research for local policy needs or to conduct a study about a public health initiative.

  • Trusted by leading government agencies
  • Use demographic filtering to target population subsets
  • Access huge pools of quality participants
  • Conduct larger studies cost-effectively
  • Outsource full studies
  • Get reliable data insights on any topic
Whether you’re looking for a one-off study to explore constituent needs on a particular issue or keep track of participants for a longitudinal study for sustained findings, our solutions make the most complicated studies simple to execute.

Client Stories

UNC-Chapel Hill researchers were interested in studying nurses who work in clinics that administer vaccines to children. Our Concierge Service Prime Panels gathered a sample population of pediatric nurses who met the criteria of UNC’s study parameters.

Their targeted population, data sets, and study observations were made possible through our easy-to-use and powerful Prime Panels services.

Our Solutions

MTurk Toolkit

Our MTurk Toolkit enhances the already powerful Mechanical Turk platform to make it more suitable for government-grade research.

Intuitive tools allow you to search, segment by demographic criteria, and send out your survey.

Measures to mitigate instances of duplicate and fraudulent participants improve the reliability and accuracy of results.

Prime Panels

Access more than 50 million high-quality participants from around the world.

Make smarter policy decisions by assessing needs and opportunities on a large scale or by reaching members of the specific populations you serve.

Prime Panels makes it easy to filter by a broad range of demographics, allowing you to effectively focus your research efforts.

Managed Research

A fully customizable service that leaves your internal resources free to focus on other tasks.

Work with a dedicated project manager and a team of expert researchers to design, build, and conduct a full research project to your exact specifications.

This is the ideal service for time-pressured government departments and one of the most cost-effective ways to conduct an entire custom research project.

How Government Entities Use CloudResearch

  • Local Issues and Opportunities

    Find participants in a specific state, city, or even township with our vast participant pool and make better local policy decisions to accurately address their pressing needs.

  • Longitudinal Studies

    Track impact over time with an intuitive dashboard that makes it easy to keep track of study participants and reach out to re-engage them.

  • Public Health Initiatives

    Gather data for an initial proposal, track initiative impact, or conduct an experimental research project to test the viability of large-scale implementation.

  • Scientific Research

    Test your hypothesis and uncover new paths forward with efficient access to the groups you need at the scale and specificity your study requires.


No matter your research needs, we’re ready to connect you to a pool of qualified, engaged participants in just minutes. Simply create an account and populate your study criteria to get started.