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Human in the Loop Training Powered With the Highest Data Quality

Improve the accuracy of your AI learning models by tapping into our vetted, active and highly-engaged participant pool to execute your tasks and projects within minutes. Our high-quality participants provide accurate, relevant, diverse, and representative data.

Why Is Data Quality Important?
Labeling Accuracy

In tasks where manual labeling is required (such as image or text classification), using high-quality participants will reduce the chances of mislabeled data that could negatively impact model performance.

Complex Task Handling

For more complex AI tasks, high-quality participants can provide more insightful annotations or feedback, helping the model to learn and generalize results better and with more precision.

Feedback Incorporation

High-quality participant feedback is more likely to be insightful and constructive, helping developers make meaningful improvements to the AI model during the training process.

Create AI Training Projects In Minutes

With Connect Templates, easily set up your AI training tasks in a matter of minutes through our intuitive and modern interface. Simply upload your data and Connect will create all the individual tasks necessary to complete your projects, from data labeling to form collection. Our project templates include:

Data Labeling/Media Annotation
High-quality participants are essential for data labeling and media annotation projects as they ensure precision, accuracy, and consistency in the labeled data. Their deep understanding of project requirements and annotation guidelines minimizes errors and leads to reliable datasets. Using Connect Templates, you will have full control over how many pieces of individual media you want our participants to label – whether it’s 1 or unlimited tasks.

Custom HTML Projects (for Advanced Users)
For advanced users who have a data set that comprises tasks that they want to fully customize the form-collection to our participants, our custom HTML Project template is a perfect fit! You can upload datasets that will be available to inject into your HTML powered project form.

For more complex templates, please contact us.

Demographic Targeting – Data Diversity In AI Training

High-quality participants are more likely to provide a diverse range of examples, helping your AI model learn from a wider spectrum of scenarios and making it more adaptable in real-world situations. Through our powerful demographic targeting (with quota capabilities), you can easily define the group of individuals who will participate in your project.

Training AI With Maximum Cost Efficiency

The contributions of our high-quality participants can lead to fewer iterations and corrections, ultimately saving you time and resources in the training process. Connect also has the lowest fees in the industry, further adding to your savings!

Lowest Service Fees
While our competitors charge platform usage fees that range from 35% – 45%, we only charge 25%, providing you affordable high-quality data.
Free Targeting
100+ attributes are available and are yours to use at no additional cost.
Census-Matched Samples
Collect more representative data by easily applying a US-based Census match with the click of a button. Further configure your sample by applying quotas. And unlike some of our competitors, on Connect it’s 100% free.

Powerful Integration With Our API

If you have existing workflows through an application or a website, you can integrate and launch your AI training projects through our API. Learn more

Connect AI Integrations

Easily craft surveys, experiments, and tasks using the tools you love. Integrate them them effortlessly through links or API integration. Then, efficiently manage data, communicate with participants, improve studies, and collaborate seamlessly.

Potato is an easy-to-use web-based annotation tool accepted by EMNLP 2022 DEMO track. Potato allows you to quickly mock-up and deploy a variety of text annotation tasks.
Datasaur is the premiere NLP labeling platform for its user-friendly and powerful approach to automation and manual labeling techniques.
A flexible data labeling tool for all data types. Prepare training data for computer vision, natural language processing, speech, voice, and video models.
Labelbox is an image annotation platform that offers a range of annotation tools, including bounding boxes, polygons, and semantic segmentation.
Build, fine-tune, iterate, and manage your AI models faster with the highest-quality training data.
Prepare training data, fine-tune LLMs, and validate models, with the most popular data labeling platform.

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