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As a participant, you can earn extra cash online for sharing your opinions and participating in surveys and online jobs that further our understanding of people’s thoughts, feelings, and behavior! Start making money in minutes.

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How Does Connect Work?

Connect brings together researchers and people who can participate in studies. We strive to create a space that makes contributing to research fun and rewarding.

Friendly Dashboard

From the dashboard you can see projects you’re eligible to participate in and quickly search and sort those you’re interested in.

Payout Center

The payout center tracks your earnings and shows how much you earn on a daily basis. You can also see how much is in your wallet and cash out your earnings.

Internal Messaging

The message center allows you to send and receive messages within the Connect ecosystem. No need for outside emails.

Connect Participant Feedback

Connect participants have spoken about their experiences with Connect surveys. Here is what they’re saying:

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Update my Account Email?

To change your account email, please email us at with your current account email and the new email you would like to use. Once we process this request, you can sign in using the new email and the same account password. All previous studies and account activity will be visible.

How Do I Update my About You Section?

Questions in the “About You” section are used by researchers to target projects toward participants. Answering questions in the “About You” section allows you to qualify for more projects. You don’t have to answer any question you’re uncomfortable with, but answering more items will generally mean more projects. We have the option for participants to select that they prefer not to answer or that the question does not apply to them.

Life happens and details about you may change. Maybe you switch jobs, take up a new hobby, get a raise at work, or start dating someone new. When these or other changes happen, you may want to update information in the “About You” section.

As of right now, you will need to email us at to make any changes. Our support team can unlock qualifications and give you the chance to update your information. In 2024, we will launch a system update which will periodically ask you to confirm that your core demographic information has not changed. If something has changed, you can update the information on your account.

Confirming Your Identity FAQs

Why am I asked to verify my identity?

We want Connect to provide the highest quality data on the internet. By verifying your identity, you help us ensure that the people participating in studies are who they say they are and that in turn increases researchers’ confidence in the quality of data they gather.

Confirming your identity also ensures you will be prioritized for project notifications and gives you access to certain Connect features such as the ability to cash out your earnings as an Amazon gift card.

Why was my ID verification rejected?

It’s difficult to say exactly. Your government ID may be expired, your documents may not have matched the photo you uploaded, the lighting or other conditions may have been too poor to detect a match, or several other possibilities. Be sure to follow the Best Practices when confirming your ID and know you can try using different forms of physical identification if your first attempt fails. Please contact us for more support.

Can I get verified using a different method?

Stripe Identity is currently the only form of identity verification Connect offers. But just because you’re unable to confirm your identity doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Connect. People with a verified identity are prioritized with things like project notifications and have the option to cash out earnings with an Amazon gift card. People without a verified identity can still complete projects.

How can I access or delete my verification data?

You can request that your data be deleted by contacting us. When making your request, please include your Connect ID. Our team will work to complete your request quickly.

What Information Does Connect Collect?

Connect gathers and maintains an email address and data that you provide about your age, race, ethnicity, gender, and other demographics. We use that information to send periodic updates about our platform and to determine projects you qualify for. We do not share or sell your data.

Does Connect Maintain Personally Identifiable Information?

The short answer is no. Connect does not maintain any personally identifiable information about participants. Because payments are routed through PayPal and identity verification is done without invasive methods, Connect does not need personally identifiable information.

How Do I Manage Study Notifications?

To manage notifications on Connect:
Navigate to “Settings” via the sidebar menu.
Within Settings, click on “Manage Notifications.”

On the Notification Settings page, you can toggle the switch under the Email column to ‘on’ for whichever category you would like to receive email messages for

In order to receive SMS messages, follow these additional steps:
Click “Add” in the “Phone #” display

Enter your phone number and click “Send me a verification code”

Once you have received an SMS message with the code, enter that code into the input and click “Verify Number”

Go back and toggle the switches in the SMS column to ‘on’

What is Light Mode/Dark Mode, and How Do I Toggle Between Them?

Toggle between light and dark modes by clicking the profile icon in the upper right corner of Connect and then selecting the light bulb icon. This will toggle your display between light and dark modes.

What is Light Mode and Dark Mode? Light mode and dark mode are display settings for user interfaces, such as a smartphone or computer. When a display is presented in light mode, dark text shows up against a light screen. In dark mode, the opposite occurs: light text is presented against a dark screen.

While there are several mixed opinions and scientific findings concerning the benefits of dark mode, advocates say it is easier on the eyes, better for low light settings, and consumes less electricity. We’re agnostic about the benefits of dark mode but we’ve programmed it into Connect all the same.

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