Revolutionizing the Survey Experience with AI-Driven Conversations

Engage turns surveys into dynamic, engaging conversations by leveraging advanced generative AI. It’s not just a survey platform; Engage takes a revolutionary leap forward in market research, social science research, public health, polling, and more.

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Explore the Depths of Human Experience

In today’s fast-paced world, traditional surveys often fail to capture the depth and nuance of people’s opinions and experiences. Surveys can be rigid and disengaging, leading to low response rates and superficial insights. Engage addresses this challenge head-on with its groundbreaking AI-powered conversational tool.

Dynamic Interaction

Engage enhances data collection with adaptive follow-up questions. This distinctive feature allows a more comprehensive understanding of respondents’ views, revealing subtle insights that go beyond what conventional surveys can provide.

The Full Power of Both Qualitative and Quantitative Studies

At the core of Engage lies the power of mixed methods research. Engage combines the strengths of qualitative interviews that bring data to life, with the precision of quantitative research. With Engage, you can seamlessly transition between in-depth conversations and quantitative analysis.

Research Without Borders: Multi-Language Capability

With the ability to interview in nearly every language, Engage brings its conversational survey experience to a global audience. The platform’s multilingual functionality allows you to connect with respondents in their native tongue, capturing authentic insights on a global scale.

Data Quality and Integrity

Engage employs sophisticated AI tools to meticulously detect inattention and prevent fraud, thereby safeguarding the integrity of your research data. It significantly enhances traditional data quality measures with its advanced capability to comprehend and adapt dynamically to participant responses.

Loved by Respondents

Engage nearly eliminates participant burnout through its engaging and interactive design, making the research experience more enjoyable and productive for participants.

Seamless Integration with Connect – The Highest Data Quality Panel

Engage proudly stands as a fully integrated component within CloudResearch’s Connect panel. With Connect, researchers using Engage aren’t just accessing a state-of-the-art survey tool; they are also tapping into the highest-quality panel in the world. Brands, research firms, and social scientists can now effortlessly locate their target demographic, craft their study, and deploy it to a curated audience — all within a single, streamlined ecosystem.

How Does Engage Work?

Setting up a study on Engage is flexible and easy, with three main question types to choose from:

Interview Style

Define the objective of the interview, study context, and sub topics or questions you want to make sure to include


Specify open-ended questions to ask participants, with the ability to toggle Engage follow-up

Multiple Choice

Include traditional multiple choice questions, with the ability to toggle Engage follow-up.

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