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Over 70% of Republicans Believe That Trump Was Cheated Out of The Election but Americans Agree that Violence is Not the Answer,
November 08th, 2020

60.5% of Republicans believe the election was stolen, according to an online poll of 800 adults fielded by a few hours before the election was called for Biden. When asked whether “The 2020 Presidential election was stolen”, 60.5% of Republicans agreed, compared to just 5% of Democrats and 29% of Independents.

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Three in Four Voters Expect Contested Presidential Election, According to CloudResearch Survey
October 30th, 2020

Fully 43% of Americans Doubt Ballots Submitted by Mail will be Counted Accurately; Top Voter Concerns in Event of Contested Results: Street Violence; Economic and Market Downturn

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CloudResearch Questions Widely-Shared CDC Report on American Cleaning Practices after COVID-19 Outbreak
June 01st, 2020

Academic-based researchers dispute CDC data with counter-report titled “No, Americans are not gargling bleach: How bad data inflated estimates in the latest CDC report, and how to prevent this from happening in the future”

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