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CloudResearch Enterprise accounts are designed for universities, companies, institutions, and government agencies to streamline research and administration tasks.

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Top-Level Security Features

Ensure top-level security with features like SAML sign-on, which helps control and track researcher access effectively. Additionally, guarantee compliance with major standards and regulations, such as FERPA for educational institutions and specific governmental cybersecurity standards. CloudResearch Enterprise also offers isolation and information barriers to safeguard sensitive data.

Enhanced Research Collaboration

CloudResearch Enterprise supports robust collaboration features, allowing researchers to create internal teams with specific permissions to view and edit surveys collectively. Streamline your projects with custom approval workflows to ensure that all research meets institutional standards before going live.

Streamlined Funding and Reporting Options

CloudResearch Enterprise facilitates a variety of funding mechanisms that allow designated administrators to allocate funds efficiently at different levels—individual researchers, labs, or departments. The system also supports requests for funding directly through the platform. Sophisticated reporting tools provide detailed insights into how and where funds are spent, enhancing transparency and accountability.

Custom Branding

Enjoy extensive customization options for branding, including dedicated project setup pages, the removal of platform branding, and the ability to match corporate style guidelines through font and color choices. This helps institutions maintain their brand identity within the research environment.

Dedicated Customer Support

CloudResearch Enterprise accounts receive high-level, personalized customer support with dedicated contact personnel, direct communication channels such as Slack, and on-demand video calls, ensuring responsive and effective support tailored to each institution’s needs.

Comprehensive Researcher Training Programs

Opt-in to our comprehensive training programs led by PhDs in the social sciences and expertly designed to enhance the skills and development of researchers. This training is tailored to meet the specific operational needs and research goals of the institution.

Additional Custom Features

In addition to the features listed, we recognize that each institution has unique needs and requirements. If there are other specific features or capabilities that would further improve your research and management, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are committed to customizing our platform to better suit your specific operational and research needs, ensuring that you have all the tools necessary to achieve your goals effectively.

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