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Connect is CloudResearch's own crowdsourcing platform for online research. It draws on all of our knowledge and experience with hundreds of different online platforms and creates the best research experience in the industry.

Feel Confident in Your Data Quality

We understand the threats to data quality better than anyone and that’s why we’ve crafted effective solutions to fight fraud and inattention. Our latest tracker studies show how well our data quality measures up, so you know your data comes from real, thoughtful people–no ifs, ands, or bots.

Data Quality Tracker

Passed 3/3 Attention Checks

N = 10% of total population

Simplify Any Online Study

Connect has tools that ease the time-consuming aspects of online research like our Connect Teams that enable collaboration or our Accounting tools for compiling reports.

Whatever your research, it’s more convenient with Connect.

Get More Quality Data for Your Dollar

Not only does Connect deliver great data quality and a great user experience, but it does so with the lowest fees in the industry. That means you get more high-quality data while holding on to more of your research dollars.

Connect Offers the Highest Data Quality at the Lowest Price!

No Extra Charge for Demographic Targeting or Census-Matched Samples

Total Participant Costs (1,000 x $1/each)
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Researchers Who Trust Connect

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Connect Makes Online Research Better

Unbeatable Data Quality

When people sign up on Connect, we vet them with the most sophisticated and up-to-date data quality measures anywhere online. We continue monitoring quality once people are on our site, giving us control over the quality of participants and the ability to intervene when problems arise. The result is trustworthy data.

Time-Saving Tools

With features like Connect Teams, our accounting tools, quotas that are built into your project, the ability to message participants in the app, and the ability to do things like schedule a project launch time in advance, Connect is stocked with ways to make your research more efficient.

Great Prices

Connect offers a first-class research experience with the lowest service fees in the industry. In addition, we give all researchers 0 fees for 30 days starting with your first study, keeping more money in your pocket. Learn more

Fair Standards

We recommend participant payments begin at $7.50/hour while promoting norms that actually lead to most participants earning more than $10/hour, on average.

Better Research

Connect is the first online platform that allows participants to rate the projects they participate in and the researchers who post the projects. This two-way reputation system—researchers rating participants and participants ratings researchers—creates an environment that rewards good behavior from everyone, improving the quality of research.

Scale Your Research
Got a lot of projects or participants to manage? Want to direct Connect participants to your app or website? You can do both with our API. Learn more

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