Online Participant Recruitment with Connect:


Connect is committed to data quality. We use our patented Sentry® technology to routinely vet participants, monitor metadata for problematic behaviors, and do everything possible to ensure that participants are attentive and engaged. The result is the best online data quality period.


Research is seldom done alone. That is why Connect has collaboration in its DNA. Connect allows researchers to transfer funds, share projects with collaborators, and tailor project workflows. Welcome to the next level of online research.


Connect makes research easy. You can set up and manage everything from simple surveys to the most complicated longitudinal designs from our intuitive dashboard.


News, trends, best practices–everything moves fast with online research. Staying informed and up-to-date is easier when you’re part of a community, and that is what we aim to create with Connect.

Cost Effective

Connect offers exceptional data quality and a great user experience at an affordable price. To find out what your next study will cost, use our free pricing tool. Also, new accounts created before 12/31 will receive 30 days with no platform fees!

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