Feel confident in the quality of your data using CloudResearch

Everyone knows online research is faster and easier than traditional methods, but how can you ensure it is also high quality? Answer: using CloudResearch.

CloudResearch connects you with engaged survey participants, provides tools to manage online studies, and creates industry-leading data quality solutions that we apply to protect your data. So, whether you’re working on a thesis dissertation, or your next paper, our tools ensure you can connect with the right participants and gather high-quality data every time.

  • Sample from tens of millions of participants worldwide
  • Find participants from diverse and hard-to-reach demographic groups
  • Improve research reliability with our industry-leading data quality solutions
  • Get expert advice and help with technical challenges
  • Complete studies fast
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Regardless of your level of online research experience, CloudResearch is here to help. Over the past year, we’ve facilitated more than 20,000 academic surveys on behalf of researchers from top universities worldwide.

As you plan your next online study, lean on our team to ensure it is a success.
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Universities Worldwide

Client Stories

Researchers at UCLA™ utilized our Prime Panels service to study the behavior of coffee drinkers aged 18-to-44 in specific cities, including Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta and Chicago.

Thanks to the extensive reach of Prime Panels, the researchers were able to efficiently staff their study and gather insightful data.

Our Solutions

MTurk Toolkit

Our MTurk Toolkit was designed to unlock the potential of the popular Mechanical Turk (MTurk) micro-tasking platform.

Easily find and filter participants by a large range of criteria, populate and launch studies faster, reduce instances of fraud and improve cost efficiency.

Prime Panels

With more than 50 million people ready to participate in your study, Prime Panels is the ideal way to recruit participants for a large-scale survey or to zero in on a specific, hard-to-find group.

Layer demographic and psychographic criteria to find exactly the participants you’re searching for.

Managed Research

Need technical assistance or advice? Use our Managed Research services to experience end-to-end study deployment.

Our academic researchers, computer engineers, project managers and data scientists are ready to help you navigate challenges, recruit the correct participants, gather data and compile results.

Types of Academic Research
CloudResearch Supports

  • Descriptive Research

    Zero in on the exact population you’re looking for with our vast participant pool and intuitive search and sorting tools.

  • Experimental Research

    Conduct a variety of experimental studies using our tools to ensure reliable, accurate results.

  • Correlational Research

    Tap into the power of scale, using our enormous participant pool to support you in gathering data and exploring the relationships between variables.

  • Thesis and Dissertation Research

    Budget friendly tools provide the perfect way to access engaged, reliable participants, filterable by a wide range of criteria.


No matter your research needs, we’re ready to connect you with a pool of qualified, engaged participants in just minutes. To get started, simply create an account and populate your study criteria.