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CloudResearch is an industry leader in online research. We have spent years researching, learning, and educating others within academia and industry about the impact of quality research. Contact us now to set up a talk at your institution!

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We are dedicated to the topic of data quality in online research. The seminars we offer are a continuation of the effort we make to publish about data quality and best practices for online data collection. Few topics have been more important in the last few years and we want to give researchers the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the current online environment with confidence.

We delve into the challenges faced in ensuring data quality, discuss effective solutions, and offer insights on leveraging CloudResearch’s suite of tools to optimize your research processes. We believe these interactions could be a beneficial and enriching experience for your department, enhancing your research quality and efficiency.

Explore Our Range of Expert Talks on Cutting-Edge Online Research Methods

Choose from any of the following talks, or feel free to request a custom talk designed to meet your particular needs/interests!

Error Detected: How Inaccurate Survey Responses Can Mislead Science, Policy, Business, and Society

The fact that survey data are not error-free is unsurprising, yet the extent to which errors have influenced results and mislead society and policymakers is alarming. In this talk, we will address the issue of online survey fraud,… (show more)

Exploring the Frontier of Online Research: From Intensive Longitudinal Methods to Interactive and Dyadic Designs

What is the most effective way to collect data from participants playing competitive games together online? How can researchers assess a romantic couple’s attitudes towards division of labor without bringing the couple in to the lab? This talk delves into the evolving landscape of behavioral science research… (show more)

Unraveling Sampling Complexities: From Microtasks to Representativeness

In the diverse world of online research samples, how does a researcher decide whether to use a micro-task platform or a probability sample? What makes a sample “representative”, and when is that important? In this talk, we’ll explore the unique characteristics, strengths, and limitations of various sampling options… (show more)

Conducting Multinational Research Online: Best practices and Novel AI Tools for Sampling Respondents Beyond the United States

Recruiting participants outside of the United States is critical for cross-cultural research as well as for replicating results on non-Western samples. However, any specific panel, such as Connect or MTurk, will have limited global reach, especially in regions such as… (show more)

Clinical Samples: Strategies and Challenges

This talk focuses on the advanced methods of recruiting online research participants for studies requiring specific psychological profiles or clinical attributes (e.g., people reporting depression anxiety, disordered eating, substance abuse, etc.)… (show more)

Ethical Dilemmas in Online Participant Recruitment: Balancing Flexibility, Fairness, and Research Integrity

This talk will address the ethical concerns surrounding the use of online crowdsourcing platforms for participant recruitment in social science research. Despite their popularity for being flexible, affordable, and reliable these platforms have faced criticism… (show more)

Finding Hard-to-Reach Participants Online: Strategies for Sampling Low Incidence Groups

Over the last two decades, the social and behavioral sciences have increasingly adopted online research methodologies. This shift has dramatically accelerated data collection speeds and facilitated access to diverse and traditionally hard-to-reach populations.… (show more)

Navigating the Academia-to-Industry Transition

Join us for an engaging discussion specifically tailored for PhD students contemplating a career outside academia. This seminar will provide valuable guidance on how to leverage your research skills and academic experience for a successful transition… (show more)

Research in the Cloud: A Guide to Teaching Research Methods in the 21st Century

This presentation focuses on developing pedagogical tools for teaching students how to conduct behavioral science research online. Designed for instructors in psychology, political science, sociology, marketing, and related fields… (show more)

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