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CloudResearch is an industry leader in online research. We have spent years researching, learning, and educating others within academia and industry about the impact of quality research. Contact us now to set up a talk at your institution!

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We are dedicated to the topic of data quality in online research. The seminars we offer are a continuation of the effort we make to publish about data quality and best practices for online data collection. Few topics have been more important in the last few years and we want to give researchers the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the current online environment with confidence.

We delve into the challenges faced in ensuring data quality, discuss effective solutions, and offer insights on leveraging CloudResearch’s suite of tools to optimize your research processes. We believe these interactions could be a beneficial and enriching experience for your department, enhancing your research quality and efficiency.


Past Presentations

We have a track record of providing insightful talks at many institutions. Here is a glimpse of the various institutions we’ve already presented to and an example of a past talk.

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“This informative and enlightening presentation about best online data collection practices was truly one of the most useful and engaging presentations we have had to date! Aaron Moss’ expertise and passion for the subject matter were evident from the very beginning.
One of the most impressive aspects of the talk was the practical and actionable steps. Aaron not only highlighted the potential pitfalls and challenges but also offered a comprehensive set of best practices to navigate through them. I am confident that the valuable lessons we gained from this presentation will have a positive and lasting impact on future research endeavors, and I wholeheartedly recommend this talk to anyone seeking to enhance their understanding of navigating online data collection practices!”

-Jeni Burnette
Professor of Psychology at North Carolina State University