Confidence In Data Quality Supported By Clinical Expertise

Medical research must adhere to the highest standards and has the strictest oversight of any industry. At CloudResearch we employ an advanced team of experienced researchers who can guide you and ensure you get answers to your questions that are supported by impeccable data.

In addition, we collaborate with a range of medical experts drawn from premier institutions to provide insight and expertise as needed.

We can collaborate with your organization to run investigations into any treatment area or conduct studies at just about any stage of product development from inception to post-marketing. With unprecedented access to high-quality data and to large online samples, CloudResearch can deliver on a wide range of medical inquiries.

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  • Sample from hundreds of thousands of pre-profiled patients online
  • Significantly improve reliability using CloudResearch’s industry-leading solutions
  • Obtain patient samples that meet your exact needs
  • Work with industry consultants to tackle complex questions
  • Get actionable data fast and reliably

Medical Consulting Services

Clinical Focus Groups

Dig deeper into any clinical space by conducting virtual focus groups with pre-identified patients or the medical professionals who treat them. Sessions can be arranged with clinical groups meeting your specifications or one-on-one for in-depth interviews.

Qualitative Interviews

Our people have deep expertise understanding clinical settings and patient experiences. CloudResearch can design and conduct qualitative studies to answer complex questions about health and care-related issues.

Needs Assessment

Understanding the unmet needs of a patient category is often difficult and costly. Experts at CloudResearch can be the solution. We collect data from large samples of patients allowing us to quickly and clearly see the big picture, and provide analytic services to break it all down for you.

Market Sizing

When it comes time to project future sales and demonstrate to your investors that a return is coming, you need to know how big the market will be. CloudResearch will survey representative samples of patients to determine market size and model growth so you can project into the future with confidence.

Message Testing

What messages will resonate best with your audience? Be confident in your campaign by testing your messaging in advance with CloudResearch. Samples of patients can provide feedback on which messages, images, and other content is most effective.

Product Testing

Are my product instructions clear enough? Is the packaging appropriate for this audience? We support product testing by putting your approach in front of diverse samples of patients.

Continued Follow Up

Do you need to follow patients using your product post-approval? CloudResearch can sample your customers on a global scale or develop longitudinal samples of patients using your product.

Clinical Trial Recruitment

Looking to populate your clinical trial? CloudResearch can be an amazing tool to drive trial accrual. We can locate patients who meet your inclusion criteria and work with you to incentivize them to register for your trial.

Cost Effectiveness Modeling

Need to prove the value of your treatment? We offer cost-effectiveness modeling services that can demonstrate the value of your solution against the alternatives.