What is Prime Panels?

Prime Panels is an aggregation of opt-in market research panels that are commonly used for online research.

As an online platform with tens of millions of participants across the globe, Prime Panels can help you quickly find the exact respondents your research study needs. And, unlike other market research platforms, Prime Panels includes our patented Sentry data quality solution, ensuring you get the highest-quality responses.

Why Use Prime Panels?

  • Vast Participant Base

    With 100 million participants worldwide Prime Panels is ideal for large sample sizes and narrow demographic targeting.

  • Target Audiences to Match Any Survey

    Given the size of Prime Panels, you can sample people internationally, within specific U.S. zip codes, and based on other narrowly-defined criteria.

  • High-Quality Responses

    Carefully sourced participants and patented behavioral+technological vetting via Sentry, prevents bots and fraudulent participants from entering your studies.

Simply put, Prime Panels offers unparalleled participant reach and targeting capabilities backed by CloudResearch’s commitment to data quality.

Client Stories

Mind Genomics utilized our Prime Panels service to study a sample of people who have undergone surgery in the past 10 years; the results were used to help Mind Genomics construct a messaging initiative for a client to inform how they construct their client’s messaging initiatives.

Prime Panels’ vast and focused participant capabilities provided Mind Genomics with quality data sets and impactful insights.

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Get up and running in no time.

  • 1

    Recruit Your Panel

    Qualify participants with countless demographic and psychographic variables.

  • 2

    Connect Your Survey

    Link an existing survey.

  • 3

    Launch Your Survey!

    Start seeing participant survey results in just minutes.