Actionable insights that keep up with your ideas

Access a participant pool that fits within your marketing and advertising goals. Our solutions allow you to quickly and easily survey target markets to get actionable insights and keep a pulse on emerging trends so you can better cater your marketing efforts to drive results.

  • Garner powerful insights into your target market
  • Conduct highly targeted studies
  • Mitigate sampling bias
  • Access diverse and engaged participants
  • Identify emerging trends
  • Perform large-scale studies without prohibitive recruitment costs
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Ideas are only good when they have the data to back up their efficacy. CloudResearch is here to help you segment your audiences and test key messaging and marketing strategies so you can focus on the work at hand.

CloudResearch works with agencies, market research firms, and in-house marketing teams — explore how our research tools can take your marketing initiatives to the next level.

Client Stories

IBM and their researchers sampled car insurance orders from their customers by using our MTurk Toolkit and leveraging our powerful, intuitive service.

Researchers at IBM found participants and gained actionable insights for their next marketing initiatives through CloudResearch and our MTurk Toolkit.

Our Solutions

MTurk Toolkit

Take Amazon’s MTurk platform to the next level. Go beyond mere crowdsourcing with the ability to sort potential participants by a wide variety of criteria, eliminate “gaming” and fraudulent participation, and view survey results with ease.

We’ve made it effortless to focus your participant search, getting you in touch with your target market FAST.

Prime Panels

Access a participant pool of more than 50 million strong to conduct large-scale research for a nationwide launch or to focus in on a specific, hard-to-find market segment.

Validate your marketing message, guide R&D efforts, and gut-check product variations with high-quality, actionable insights delivered in your ideal time frame and budget.

Managed Research

Leverage the know-how of our team of expert academic researchers, computer engineers, and data scientists to access the insights you need without making costly investments in in-house talent.

A dedicated project manager will guide your custom study through the design, recruitment, and implementation stages to ensure it fully delivers on your company’s research needs.

How Marketers Use CloudResearch

  • Descriptive Research

    Zero in on the exact population you’re looking for with our vast participant pool and intuitive search and sorting tools.

  • Market Research and Market Opportunity Assessment

    Focus your participant sample and hear from the market demos that matter to you. Or allow us to design and implement a custom study that will help secure investor buy-in for your next steps.

  • Advertising and Digital Marketing

    Skip expensive mistakes and learning phases and tap into consumer opinions before investing in costly creative execution.

  • UX Design and Website Feedback

    Our intuitive research tools and participant pool can test design variations and copy choices, get user feedback, and target your questions to user groups representative of your target market.

  • Brand Awareness and Customer Loyalty

    Test the degree of brand awareness and rank across regions or market demos, get feedback on customer loyalty programs, and track the impact of marketing initiatives over time.


No matter your research needs, we’re ready to connect you to a pool of qualified, engaged participants in just minutes. Simply create an account and populate your study criteria to get started.