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ONLY Sentry blocks ChatGPT see features below

Playing with Fire: How Survey Fraud Can Burn Your Brand, and How to Stop It

In partnership with Kellogg’s, we illustrate how bad data can burn a brand, and how you can ensure your data is protected. Learn how fraudulent participants respond to survey questions in predictable ways, and see a real-life case study demonstrating the effects this can have on brands and marketing campaigns.

More than 30% of respondents in online panels are inattentive, fraudulent, or bots1.

Do you know who your respondents are? In partnership with Insights Association, we’re exposing the shocking reality of online survey fraud. We’ll take you inside survey click farms to witness actual footage of fraudulent survey-takers caught in the act. You’ll gain an understanding of the scale and scope of fraud in the insights and market research industry and learn how to protect yourself and your research.

Sentry: a Different Kind of Protection

Protection Suite
Bot Detection with Behavioral + Device Analysis
Open-Ended Quality Verification
Attention Verification
Honesty Verification
Targeted B2B Verification
Advanced Fingerprinting via DigiPrint® Software
ChatGPT Blocking
Auto-Translation Detection
IP Deduplication
Basic Digital Fingerprinting
Geo-Location Tracking
Additional Sentry Features

Sample Quality Tracking Monitor

Track sample quality with the Sentry Dashboard and view Performance Reports across samples and projects

Flexible Integration

Usable with any supplier, any survey platform, and any project, with easy to use Dashboard or via API

Multi-level Protection

Apply the ideal protection level for your work, balancing sample flow and quality. Toggle on/off specific protections that best fit your needs

Behavioral Vetting in 35 Languages

Unparalleled quality with meticulously customized behavioral questions validated in 35 languages.
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How Does Sentry Work?

Sentry is a pre-survey* vetting system. Participants from any sample supplier are directed to Sentry and vetted in 30 seconds. High-quality participants are allowed to enter the survey, and inattentive respondents/bots/frauds are sent back to the supplier.

*Sentry AttentchaTM, our in-survey automated vetting system that ensures sustained attentiveness throughout the survey, will be available to all clients later this year. To learn more about Sentry Attentcha, book a meeting here.

Benefits of Using Sentry

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Supply/Panel Company

Research Firm

Corporate Researcher

Reduce overall reconciliation rates by >50%
Specialized Sentry levels to keep supply high and only remove worst respondents
Give your clients data they can trust, and increase confidence in supply quality with a Sentry Quality Certification
Integration within your current data quality solutions to improve internal panel health
Quality control and tracking of external sample contracted from 3rd party suppliers

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Information Do I Get When I Leverage Sentry?

For all projects run in Sentry, users will see a detailed breakdown of respondent quality, starting with a basic overview of the traffic that came in. Users will see the overall rates of pass/fails, and the specific markers of low-quality that Sentry detected. In addition, data is also available from Sentry’s event-streaming recorder, which allows users to see how respondents interacted with each Sentry question.

Sentry also provides a detailed breakdown of traffic quality across all projects and studies. This gives users insight into the quality of the sample they are receiving, including how quality compares across multiple suppliers.

Sample Quality Tracking Monitor

How Can I Use Sentry in My Own Research?

Sentry can be added to any online survey with traditional URL redirects or via API integration. Sentry can be used with any sample source, survey platform, or respondent device.

What is Sentry AttentchaTM?

Sentry Attentcha is the in-survey Sentry tool that allows researchers to automatically identify participants who are not paying attention in survey, by automatically adding attention and yea-say check questions, scoring, and quarantining low-quality participants who exhibit bad in-survey behavior. To get early access to the tool, book a meeting here.

How Is Sentry Different Than Digital Fingerprinting Tools?

Device Fingerprinting alone is not sufficient to ensure high-quality data. In addition to leveraging IP-duplication blocking, Sentry uses an advanced fingerprinting technology called DigiPrint®. DigiPrint® is our proprietary device fingerprinting solution which assesses and identifies online survey respondents’ unique fingerprints to manage participants and prevent duplication and fraud. Critically, Sentry also engages respondents directly with questions proven to ensure respondent quality on key domains including attention, honesty, and effortful responding.

Will Sentry Help Me Get Better Open-Ended Data in My Surveys?

Yes. Sentry’s pre-survey solution was designed specifically to improve in-survey quality, by targeting and removing all different kinds of low-quality respondents. The result is significantly better in-survey open ended quality.

When tested against competitors, Sentry significantly outperforms other solutions on the market, and usually reduces bad open ends by >50%. In addition, with Sentry protection, you will see higher in-survey response consistency, fewer attention check fails, and more accurate participant responses.

What Kinds of Questions Do You Ask Participants in Sentry?

Sentry has thousands of questions across multiple Libraries. Each library has different types of questions which were developed by our team of Behavioral Scientists to ensure participant quality on a different construct. For example, there are specific libraries with questions that measure dishonesty, and others that measure basic attention, and others that measure whether participants are from a specific B2B groups they claim to be from (e.g. Nurses).

Sentry automatically pulls different questions from different libraries in order to get the fullest picture of participant quality. While participants see these questions, Sentry is using technology to track respondent behavior via mouse movements and keyboard strokes, to provide additional behavioral assessment. We are happy to provide specific examples of question types. Just reach out.

Is It Customizable for My Projects That Need More or Less Security?

Yes. We realize that objectives vary from project to project, that’s why Sentry has multiple levels and configurations that are easy to customize based on your research needs.

What Platforms Can Sentry Integrate With?

Any and all platforms! All Sentry needs to work is a survey-redirect link.

Can I Use Sentry on Projects With Multiple Suppliers?

Yes. Sentry is ideally suited for such projects, as it can prevent duplicate traffic from coming in across suppliers. In addition, you will be able to track the same quality of all the different suppliers you use, in any project, and on all the traffic they send to your research, using the Sentry Sample Quality Tracking Monitor.

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