Tap into our pool of the highest-quality participants for more than just survey responses

Our vetted, active, and highly engaged participant pool is at the ready to execute your tasks and projects within minutes. Aside from answering surveys and participating in experiments, our participants can help with many aspects of your research, including:

Organizing literature
Entering data
Labeling images
Coding stimuli
Annotating text
And more!

Create Assistant Tasks In Minutes

With a variety of project templates on Connect, you can easily set up your assistant tasks in a matter of minutes. Simply upload your data and Connect will create all the individual tasks necessary to complete your projects, from data entry to stimuli coding. Our project templates include:

Stimuli Coding/Media Annotation
High-quality participants are essential for stimuli and media annotation projects as they ensure precision, accuracy, and consistency in the labeled data. These projects may include coding images to create a standardized set, analyzing visual representations of cultural trends, coding images to study social interactions and behaviors within specific contexts, categorizing historical photographs to understand societal changes over time, mapping out visual narratives to explore socio-political themes, and more. Our participants’ high attention to detail ensures they will understand the project requirements and annotation guidelines, minimizing errors and leading to more reliable datasets. Using Connect’s templates, you will have full control over how many pieces of individual media you want participants to label – whether it’s 1 or unlimited tasks.

Custom HTML Projects (for Advanced Users)
For advanced users who have a task that they want to fully customize, our custom HTML Project template is a perfect fit! You can give participants a dataset to organize, ask them to extract specific information from research articles, task them with finding themes in text, compare between two or more stimuli, and more. The possibilities are endless!

For assistance setting up more complex templates, please contact us.

Demographic Targeting

High-quality participants are more likely to provide a diverse range of examples, helping to keep your research relevant to a wide spectrum of scenarios and different cultures. Through our powerful demographic targeting and quota capabilities, you can easily define the group of individuals who will participate in your project.

Getting Research Assistance with Maximum Cost Efficiency

The contributions of our high-quality participants can lead to fewer iterations and corrections, ultimately saving you time and resources. Connect also has the lowest fees in the industry, further adding to your savings!

Lowest Service Fees
While our competitors charge platform usage fees that range from 35% – 45%, we only charge 25%, providing you affordable high-quality data.
Free Targeting
250+ attributes are available and are yours to use at no additional cost.
Census-Matched Samples
Collect more representative data by easily applying a US-based Census match with the click of a button. Further configure your sample by applying quotas. And unlike some of our competitors, on Connect it’s 100% free.

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