CloudResearch® and InnovateMR Partner to Address the Most Pressing Challenge In the Online Survey Industry: Data Quality




May 13, 2022

CloudResearch and InnovateMR jointly announce a strategic partnership to improve data quality, addressing the most pressing challenge facing the online survey industry. 

Industry-wide data quality challenges identified:

  • A recent CASE4Quality industry-wide study found that >30% of survey data was identified as low quality and required removal from final data sets. 
  • Even when implementing widely-used tech-based fraud solutions, 20-25% of survey data remained unusable. 
  • Inattentive and fraudulent respondents, survey farms, and bots account for the majority of bad actors and unreliable data in the online survey ecosystem. 
  • Online survey fraud leads to false conclusions, costing time and money to suppliers, market research firms, and end-clients.

To address systemic fraud in the sample industry, InnovateMR conducted an extremely rigorous test of Sentry®: a novel data quality solution by CloudResearch with unique behavioral+technological vetting.

Rigorous testing was conducted over a 6-month period and demonstrated that Sentry® improved data quality and added immense value by reducing reconciliation rates.

“Building a novel data quality tool like Sentry® took a great deal of development and validation. I take it as a personal badge of honor that InnovateMR, a leader in the quality space, has seen the unique value in our approach and chose us as their data quality partner. I am looking forward to working together with the InnovateMR team and to seeing the continued quality benefits that Sentry® will provide to InnovateMR and their clients.” 

Leib Litman, Chief Research Officer at CloudResearch

“Our new partnership with CloudResearch demonstrates our steadfast dedication to combat fraud and empower our clients with insights they can trust. In addition, we have just welcomed market-research veteran Sarah Adkins to our leadership team as Vice President of Quality & Research. Her role will ensure that our team and technologies stay vigilant and ready for the new evolutions of survey fraud to come, and develop novel and industry-leading quality solutions with CloudResearch.”

Lisa Wilding-Brown, CEO, InnovateMR

CloudResearch is the trusted and easy-to-use online research participant-sourcing and managed-research platform created by researchers for researchers. CloudResearch’s newest product, Sentry®, is setting a new industry gold standard for data quality. Sentry® is proven as the most effective tool on the market delivering high-quality data from online survey responses, regardless of the sample source. Sentry® vetting can be used on all sample sources, and eliminates fraudulent online respondents and low-quality data, using unique behavioral+technological solutions. Uniquely positioned in the research ecosystem with expertise in both complex academic research and consumer market research for business impact, academics and corporate researchers alike rely on CloudResearch for quality polling, surveys, and managed research results. 

InnovateMR, as indicated by its name, is an industry-leading innovator in the market research space. This news follows more great news for the industry early in 2021 with the release of their Vision Suite™. This comprehensive collection of next-generation products executes against all aspects of the research process including survey design, sample procurement, field management, fraud mitigation and reporting.

Top Leadership Includes:

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