CloudResearch Revolutionizes Online Survey Research with Virtual Recruitment of AI Participants

Aaron Moss, PhD


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NYC, March 31, 2023 – CloudResearch, a trailblazer in online research and participant recruitment, unveiled a game-changing innovation earlier this morning: Virtual Recruitment of AI Participants. This cutting-edge technology harnesses the power of AI bots, each expertly trained in one of billions of different human personalities, to deliver instantaneous, accurate insights into the most intricate behavioral research questions.

Jonathan Robinson, CloudResearch’s Chief Technology Officer, said in a statement, “Our team has been working on this advancement for years. Survey researchers kept telling us about problems they were having with attention and data quality. It’s also always been difficult to find people from hard-to-reach groups. So, we thought ‘What if we just got rid of the people altogether? That would solve a lot of problems.’”

In a demonstration of the technology, researchers at CloudResearch launched a survey for 100,000 participants set to be “globally representative.” Such projects that rely on human participants would normally take weeks if not months. The AI participants returned 100,000 perfectly completed responses in less than a minute. “It’s stunning” said one event attendee.  

Before launching the product, CloudResearch engaged in rigorous testing which revealed a remarkable 0.8% margin of error for Virtual Recruitment compared to traditional human-answered surveys, highlighting the platform’s reliability and precision. A senior member of the tech team said the remaining error was likely due to flaws with human respondents and should “wash out” with time. 

Other benefits touted by the company include: 

1. Immediate access: AI participants eliminate all delays in participant recruitment, providing researchers with instant access to billions of simulated respondents. 

2. Cost savings: Virtual recruitment of AI participants drastically reduces study expenses with costs measured in pennies rather than hundreds or even thousands of dollars. 

3. Superior data quality: While human respondents may exhibit fraudulent or inattentive behavior, AI respondents consistently provide attentive and accurate data. It’s the absolute gold standard in faux human responding.

4. Perfect results: As every researcher knows, actual humans don’t always give the results you want or anticipate. With AI participants, respondents can be programmed to give the exact answers researchers are seeking in advance. Makes the research process much, much easier.   

5. Expanded reach: No sample is out of reach with Virtual Recruitment. AI participants can simulate any medical condition, any psychological characteristic, and can even be asked to travel back in time to represent historical populations. The possibilities are endless. 

6. Coming soon: AI participants that accurately simulate individual personalities, enabling interviews with one’s past and future selves.

7. Also coming soon: AI researchers that can design and run studies on AI participants, eliminating the need for humans entirely!  

Virtual Recruitment of AI Participants propels CloudResearch to the forefront of survey research, redefining the landscape with AI-enhanced methodology. For additional information about CloudResearch and the groundbreaking Virtual Recruitment platform, visit

About CloudResearch 

CloudResearch is a pioneering company specializing in online research and participant recruitment solutions. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and excellence, CloudResearch equips researchers with the tools to access diverse, high-quality data in an efficient and streamlined manner. 

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