The Trouble with Maintaining Data Quality in Online Research


When it comes to data quality in market research, our team at CloudResearch thrives on creating solutions and leading important conversations. What better way to “talk shop” than joining experienced UX Researcher and industry thought leader, Matt Valle on his Rock n’ Roll Research Podcast?

Rock and Roll, Recruiting Participants for Research, and Research Reliability

Recently, our co-founder and Chief Research Officer, Leib Litman, shared his journey from his early days as a heavy metal loving cognitive psychology student, to neuroscientist and college professor, to co-founder of CloudResearch tackling the serious challenges of recruiting online participants and ensuring data quality. Even as a graduate student, Leib was interested in finding different sampling methods in research and more efficient ways to connect with research participants to gather data. As a professor, he was at the forefront of exploring how to leverage online tools for recruiting participants for research with the proper sampling methods at a time when few people in academia were using online tools. Now, at CloudResearch, Leib is excited about finding ways to ensure quality in all kinds of online research projects. 

Leib’s passion for using technology to improve data quality in online research eventually led him to co-write a book titled, Conducting Online Research on Amazon Mechanical Turk and Beyond with Jonathan Robinson, our co-founder and Chief Technology Officer. In this podcast interview, Leib talks about the impact of bogus respondents, the problems they create, and what CloudResearch is doing to ensure data quality remains the most important focus of researchers in academia and the consumer insights industry. Speaking from experience, Leib notes that, “Bad data quality is not just the researcher’s problem, it’s now becoming society’s problem. I think what should be happening in the future is that the industry as a whole should become more aware of how prevalent data quality problems are and really seek out the solutions.”

Listen in for Leib’s take on online data quality in the academic and market research world. For more great conversations in the market research space, visit the Rock n’ Roll Research on Apple Podcasts or Listen Notes

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