CloudResearch Unveils “Re-Engage”: A Bold Return to Human Interviewers in Survey Research

Nechemia Hoffmann


NYC, April 1, 2024 – CloudResearch, a trailblazer in survey technology, today announced “Re-Engage,” a revolutionary platform that prioritizes human interaction over artificial intelligence. This innovative approach reintroduces the authenticity of human-to-human conversation into the world of survey research, marking a significant pivot from the AI-centric Engage platform. 

“With the success of Engage, we found ourselves at the forefront of AI-driven survey conversations. Yet, we couldn’t shake the question: what’s the next frontier?” says Jonathan Robinson, CEO and CTO of CloudResearch. “The answer was clear: rekindling the human element in a manner so profound, it’s groundbreaking.” 

Revolutionary Features of Re-Engage: 

  • Human-Powered Interactions: Unlike its predecessor, every interaction within Re-Engage is powered by human intelligence, ensuring each survey is as nuanced and insightful as the conversations you have with your closest friends. 
  • Direct Human Engagement: Re-Engage interviews are conducted by real people, bringing an unmatched level of empathy, understanding, and adaptability to the research experience that digital methods cannot replicate. 
  • Authentic Conversational Depth: Re-Engage taps into the art of conversation, allowing interviewers to delve deeper into participant responses, encouraging candid discussions and uncovering insights that automated systems might miss. 

Why Re-Engage? 

“In our technological quest, we realized that the most advanced connection is the human one,” Robinson reflects. “Re-Engage embodies our commitment to capturing the full spectrum of human experience through genuine dialogue.” 

The Human Touch Comes With a Timer: 

We’ve discovered that reintroducing human interviewers adds a charming layer of unpredictability to our timelines. While AI can churn out surveys at the speed of light, Re-Engage embraces a more… leisurely pace. “Sure, it takes longer, but think of it as the slow food movement for research. Good things take time, especially conversations with real humans,” jokes Robinson. 

Early Feedback: 

Participants of the Re-Engage pilot program have expressed enthusiasm for the return to human interaction. “Speaking to an actual person felt incredibly personal and engaging. It was as if my opinions truly mattered,” shared one early user, adding, “I just had to remember to be patient for the next question!” 


Re-Engage is rolling out with a special pilot program in New York, NY. Those interested in experiencing the future of personalized survey research can sign up via CloudResearch’s website, where the human touch begins with just a click—and a bit of a wait. 

To discover more about Re-Engage and how CloudResearch is revolutionizing survey research with a human-first approach, visit our website. Join us in embracing this innovative leap into the essence of human connection. 

About CloudResearch 

CloudResearch® stands at the cutting edge of survey solutions, continually embracing innovation to enhance research quality. With Re-Engage, we are turning the page to a new chapter where technology meets humanity in the most literal sense. For more insights into our journey or to become part of this groundbreaking initiative, reach out to Let us make every conversation count. 

Happy April Fools Day! 

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