CloudResearch Unveils Engage-Link: A Neural Interface into the Human Brain that Transforms Human Subjects Research  

Jonathan Robinson, PhD


NYC, April 1, 2024 – Early this morning, CloudResearch unveiled a remarkable new product that bridges the gaps between artificial intelligence, science fiction, and human behavioral research. The product, called Engage-Link, is a piece of hardware implanted directly into the human cortex that makes it possible for behavioral scientists to gather continuous data about conscious and subconscious mental processes from a wide range of research participants.  

In a press conference with reporters after the event, Jonathan Robinson, CEO and CTO of CloudResearch, was quoted as saying, “Last year we unveiled the ability to recruit AI participants for online research. Engage-Link is one more step toward our goal of removing all human influence from the process of human subjects research.” When pressed on what exactly that would entail, Robinson later said, “Look, people complicate things. Researchers tell us they worry about participants who do not pay attention, tending to acquiescence or self-presentation. Engage-Link gets around these problems by doing away with the whole survey question and answer thing and getting right into people’s brains. Problem solved.” 

Connect & Engage

The foundation of the Engage-Link effort is two products that CloudResearch already maintains: Connect and Engage. Connect offers a robust framework for identifying and recruiting a diverse array of participants for research studies, ensuring a wide demographic reach and the inclusion of varied perspectives in the exploration of human behavior. Engage, on the other hand, offers a survey platform for AI-driven conversations.  

Industry watchers have said Engage-Link represents the next evolution of these platforms, integrating directly with the brain’s neocortex and limbic system to access and interpret the subconscious thoughts and feelings that underlie human behavior. This fusion of technology and cognitive science through the Engage-Link initiative offers a groundbreaking approach to understanding the complexities of the human mind, from the conscious thoughts that shape people’s daily lives to the subconscious impulses that drive people’s deepest motivations. 

Leveraging Untapped Brain Capacities

During the launch event, CloudResearch executives touted what they say are immense benefits for researchers who study the human mind. One of those benefits is the timing of when Engage-Link gathers data. Operating during periods of rest and sleep, Engage-Link uses the brain’s dormant “cycles” to engage with the subconscious mind, ensuring that data collection and exploration doesn’t interfere with the participant’s conscious life. This innovative approach allows Engage-Link to gather insights into human mental processes around the clock, while previous forms of data collection were confined to just a handful of hours throughout the day when people were awake and alert enough to participate in studies. 

At the same time, CloudResearch maintains that Engage-Link has benefits for participants, too. According to the company’s data, participants report experiencing increased energy and a more optimistic outlook. The process facilitated by Engage-Link was likened by some participants with the device to a deep, unconscious therapy session that encourages self-exploration, and promotes a greater sense of self-awareness and psychological well-being. 

Then, of course, there are the financial benefits. One participant who had the device implanted said he earns a “steady stream of income” from the data that researchers pay to access, often earning in a minute what he previously earned in an hour. In a statement given to a reporter, the participant, who preferred to remain anonymous, said “Ever since I got this chip implanted in my brain, I’ve been monetizing my every moment. I earn when I’m awake, I earn when I’m asleep. I even earn when I’m on the john, so with every flush what I hear is ‘cha-ching!’”  

In closing remarks at today’s event, Jonathan Robinson said, “Engage-Link represents a bold leap into the future of research, combining our state-of-the-art Connect and Engage platforms with the cutting-edge neurolink technology.” He continued, “By forging a direct link to the unconscious mind, we are opening new avenues for understanding the complexities of human cognition and behavior. This venture into the nexus of technology and psychology heralds a new era of research potential.” 

About CloudResearch  

CloudResearch is a pioneering company specializing in AI-driven online research and participant recruitment solutions. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and excellence, CloudResearch equips researchers with the tools to access diverse, high-quality data in an efficient and streamlined manner.  

Happy April Fools Day! 

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