Connect by CloudResearch: A New and Versatile Platform for Online Recruitment

Aaron Moss, PhD

CloudResearch is thrilled to introduce our new platform for online research called ConnectTM!

Connect is dedicated to delivering high-quality data, making collaboration among researchers easy, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible with online research. Preview Connect here.

Committed to Data Quality

Data quality is a big issue in online research. CloudResearch has been a leader in solving data quality problems both on Mechanical Turk and within online participant panels. Now, we’ve put our expertise and resources into curating Connect.

Participants who join Connect are vetted with our patented data quality tools. We also conduct periodic checks to combat fraud, reduce inattention, and ensure participants are who they say they are. The result is data you can trust.  


All research is conducted on a budget. We get this. We’ve priced Connect to be significantly cheaper than competing sites. For one low fee, you get exceptional data quality, powerful study management tools, and access to all our demographic qualifications. In addition, we give all researchers 30 days without service fees starting with your first study, keeping more money in your pocket. Learn more       


Researchers seldom work alone. Whether within a lab or on a team, there are often multiple people involved with designing and carrying out a project. 

We understand the interconnected nature of research and that’s why we’ve built Connect to make collaboration among colleagues easier than ever. In the coming weeks, Connect will allow you to:

  • Create teams and share projects with team members
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Control who has access to funds and permissions within your collaborator group 

As Connect grows, we will continue looking for ways to make collaboration more seamless and data collection more efficient. If you have ideas about what will streamline your workflow, let us know in our suggestion box

Continuous Innovation

Online data collection has been a normal part of most business, academic, and government research for at least a decade. As researchers grow more and more accustomed to online research they are looking for new ways to collect more complex and meaningful data. 

With Connect we aspire to build the most innovative and flexible platform for online data collection. Connect can be used for:

  • Polling and surveys
  • Experiments and A/B Testing
  • User studies
  • Video interviews
  • Experience sampling studies
  • Longitudinal studies
  • Product testing and brand awareness
  • Item testing and scale creation

In the coming months and years, we will introduce new features and tools that make it easier for researchers to conduct the most innovative and interesting online research projects.

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