Introducing Connect: A new site for paid online surveys

Aaron Moss, PhD

At CloudResearch, we have launched a new participant platform for paid online surveys called Connect! See how Connect works in this short video.

Connect offers people the opportunity to participate in interesting projects in exchange for cash. Projects on Connect come from academic, corporate, government, and non-profit researchers and are used to shape how products are created and marketed, how researchers understand human behavior, and much more. The types of projects on Connect include things like survey research, product development, user testing, market research, and opinion polls.

As a Connect participant, you choose when and how often to participate in projects. 

Navigating the Connect dashboard is easy and the money you earn gets transferred from Connect to your PayPal account. There are no confusing points systems or multiple third party sites to navigate. Connect does not collect any personally identifying information and allows participants to remain anonymous. 

The benefits of Connect over other survey sites include:

  • High-paying projects
  • A dashboard for tracking activity and earnings
  • Convenient messaging tools
  • Mobile friendly
  • Clear incentives
  • Fun projects!

If you’re ready to try Connect, sign up here!

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