Truth or Lies? What “Lies” Behind Your Data?

In partnership with Insights Association, we’re exposing the shocking reality of online survey fraud. We’ll take you inside survey click farms to witness actual footage of fraudulent survey-takers caught in the act. You’ll gain an understanding of the scale and scope of fraud in the insights and market research industry and learn how to protect your research.

Online Research Is Important, So We Work Hard To Protect It.

At CloudResearch, we’re committed to delivering the highest quality data with every online project. Our approach is informed by years of experience surrounding the many threats to online data quality, including fraud. We’ve developed proven solutions that evolve as the threats to data quality evolve.

Our patented pre-survey vetting system, Sentry®, leverages both behavioral assessment and technological checks to identify and remove low-quality participants before they enter your survey. Sentry works with any online survey or by API integration and can be used with any sample source, survey platform, or respondent device.

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Interested in learning more about our partnership with Insights Association? We are proud to be a part of the Insights Association Data Quality Taskforce, which is dedicated to raising awareness of data quality, integrity, and fraud issues to ensure reliable insights for confident decision-making. Learn more about the Data Integrity Initiative Toolkit.