Support for Graduate Students Impacted by COVID-19

Aaron Moss, PhD

Global concern over COVID-19 is rapidly reshaping our society, our economy, and our basic human interactions. As a company committed to academic research, we understand the life-altering consequences of pausing certain projects. As a result, we want to help graduate students whose dissertation or thesis projects have been interrupted by COVID-19.

What are We Doing?

We are offering any graduate student whose in-person dissertation or thesis data collection has been halted by COVID-19 the opportunity to launch their study on our platform with no service fee until the end of May.

How Does this Work?

If you are a graduate student whose dissertation or thesis data collection has been interrupted by COVID-19, email us at Tell us about your project and we can discuss how to adapt it to the online environment. Once your study is setup, email us with your Survey ID and we will credit your account with the money needed to cover the CloudResearch lab fees. Once we credit your account, you will be ready to run your study.

Who is Eligible?

Any graduate student whose in-person dissertation or thesis data collection was ongoing or planned but halted by COVID-19. It doesn’t matter what discipline you are in or what your project is about. If you can run the study online, you have access to our participant platform with zero service fees. 

Why are We Doing this?  

The world today is full of uncertainty. The consequences of not finishing a dissertation are monumental and can force people to make major life decisions. We would like to help ease the stress students working on dissertations have experienced. 

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