HyperBatch – Run Batched HITs at Hyper Speeds

Jonathan Robinson, PhD

HyperBatch Feature

You can now run your Amazon Mechanical Turk studies at Hyper speeds. We worked hard to make the experience identical to our classic MicroBatch option so that you simply launch your study and TurkPrime does all the heavy lifting for you.

How it works

When you launch a HyperBatch study with 100 participants, for example, your study appears on TurkPrime exactly as a standard study. However, the study, in fact, is broken down into multiple HITs with 9 or less participants. When you pause or change a study, all of the HITs associated with your study are paused or updated, respectively.

Workers who completed one HIT in the study are disabled from taking additional HITs. TurkPrime automatically assigns the Worker a Qualification that prevents them from taking your study twice.

All existing features such as secret code, include / exclude / groups etc work exactly as you expect them to.

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