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Data that are published using Connect by should be cited as follows:

Hartman, R., Moss, A. J., Jaffe, S. N., Rosenzweig, C., Litman, L., & Robinson, J. (2023). Introducing Connect by CloudResearch: Advancing Online Participant Recruitment in the Digital Age. Retrieved [Date].

Data that are published using the MTurk Toolkit should be cited as follows:

Litman, L., Robinson, J., & Abberbock, T. (2017). A versatile crowdsourcing data acquisition platform for the behavioral sciences. Behavior Research Methods, 49(2), 433-442.

Hauser, D.J., Moss, A.J., Rosenzweig, C. et al. Evaluating CloudResearch’s Approved Group as a solution for problematic data quality on MTurk. Behav Res (2022).

Data that are published using our Prime Panels should be cited as follows:

Chandler, J., Rosenzweig, C., Moss, A. J., Robinson, J., & Litman, L. (2019). Online panels in social science research: Expanding sampling methods beyond Mechanical Turk. Behavior Research Methods, 51(5), 2022-2038. class=”links”>

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