MicroBatch Is Now a Pro Feature

Leib Litman, PhD

CloudResearch is announcing a change in our pricing for the MicroBatch feature. MicroBatch is now included as a Pro feature, with a fee of 2 cents + 5% per complete. This will also provide users with access to all other pro features, with no additional charge. This change is necessary so that we can continue to provide the highest quality service and tools that our users expect.

To explain the new pricing structure further, see the following example (the part highlighted in blue reflects the recent change):

Study Example: # of HITs: 100
Payment per HIT: $1

Without MicroBatch:With MicroBatch:
Total Study Cost = $140Total Study Cost = $127
Payment to Workers: $100Payment to Workers: $100
MTurk Fees (40%) = $40MTurk Fees (20%) = $20
CloudResearch Fees (0%) = $0CloudResearch Fees (2 cents + 5% per complete) = $7
Savings of 13%

Since its inception 3 years ago, CloudResearch has been dedicated to enhancing the quality and usability of online research with the goal of empowering researchers. The Team at CloudResearch remains committed to this mission. As more researchers come to use our platform and the online sampling world continues to evolve, we have taken on more staff, so that we can continue to provide individualized customer support to each of our users, and develop new tools to expand and improve functionality.

We greatly appreciate our relationship with our users, and know that this change will allow us to continue providing high quality service and equipping the research community with the tools and features they need. We also know that for some users this change was unexpected. If you have a funded grant with funds allocated to participant collection based on our previous pricing, please contact us so that we can honor our previous pricing. We look forward to your feedback, and to assisting you in getting the most out of your research and CloudResearch.

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