Special Introductory Offer for CloudResearch’s New ConnectTM Platform

In June 2022, CloudResearch officially launched an online participant platform called ConnectTM. As an introductory offer from now through June 30th 2023, we are offering researchers zero fees for 30 days after sign up.

Promotional Offer Details

Once you create a Connect account, you can run unlimited studies for 30 days while just paying your participants.

The 30 day promotional period begins on the day you create a Connect account. All accounts created before June 30, 2023 are eligible for this introductory offer and will be automatically enrolled. If you already have a CloudResearch account, we will consider the first time you log into Connect as your account creation date.

After your 30 day introductory period ends, the Connect service fees will be 25% of whatever you pay participants. This 25% fee is significantly lower than the 30-40% charged by competing platforms. In addition to a competitive price, Connect delivers superior data quality, a terrific user experience, and tools to support collaboration among teams and labs. Read more about Connect here.