Announcing MTurk Toolkit Changes at CloudResearch

Aaron Moss, PhD

At CloudResearch, we’re excited to announce big changes to our MTurk Toolkit services in 2021. As we communicated in email toward the end of 2020, we’ve worked hard to bring three changes to fruition:

  1. an increased emphasis on our CloudResearch-Approved Participants List
  2. an update to the look and feel of our system
  3. a simplified pricing model 

CloudResearch-Approved Participants

In 2021, we’re leaning in to the quality of participants on our CloudResearch-Approved Participants List and recommending that researchers use this feature for all studies. Our CloudResearch-Approved Participants List was created after a platform-wide vetting of worker accounts on Mechanical Turk. Our vetting process identified accounts that provide fraudulent or low-quality data and removed them from the list of people your study is open to. The result is a pool of over 50,000 diverse, engaged, and attentive participants ready to participate in your study. We are continually working to vet new accounts and we will keep adding people to the CloudResearch-Approved Participants List as they pass our measures.

Redesigned CloudResearch Dashboard and Create a Study Pages

The second big change is a redesign of our Dashboard and Create a Study pages. On both pages, we’ve given our old design a facelift and rearranged some information in order to make your study’s important details easier to digest at a glance. You can see some of the updates to the Dashboard here. In addition to cosmetics, we’ve restructured several aspects of our Create a Study page. Our goal was to make it easier for researchers to get from study setup to study launch while maintaining the features that give advanced users flexibility in determining how to conduct their study. A beta version of our Dashboard was made available January 1 and the Create a Study updates will appear in late January. As always, our Knowledge Base is the best place to find the fastest answers for questions about any of these changes.

Old Dashboard

New Dashboard

Simplified CloudResearch Pricing

Finally, the third change is a simplification to our pricing. Starting 1 January 2021, the cost for conducting studies with our MTurk Toolkit will be 10% of each participants’ compensation. This is simpler than the old model that charged a percentage of each participants’ compensation and a fee of a few cents per participant. As part of the pricing change we are also lowering the cost of our demographic, or panel, features by 10% across the board.

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